Temple Grandin endorses My Feelings game! By Claudia Faierman-Shulman

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce that Dr. Temple Grandin, the most accomplished and well-known autistic adult in the world, and one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2010, has chosen to support My Feelings game!

Who knew back in 2010, when I created this wonderful game to help my own child express his feelings, that so many people around the world would benefit from it?

Every child who opens up and shares his or her thoughts and emotions through this inspirational, easy-to-play game, is a victory to me! The testimonies of parents, teachers and therapists that have played My Feelings game and finally connected with their kids, some of them for the first time, have been the greatest reward I could receive, and I could not be more grateful for their support.

Dear Temple Grandin, your endorsement means the world to me! I feel as if you have just handed me the Academy Award for Autism teaching resources. It validates every effort my team and I put into this game: the personal and financial risks; the long nights preparing presentations; the whirlwind trips to New York City, Denver and Connecticut; all without knowing whether these efforts would pay off in any way at all.

But they paid off in more ways that I could image, because I was surrounded by positive, amazing professionals who truly believed in the need for a game of this kind, and who gave me the determination I needed to make My Feelings accessible to all parents, teachers and clinicians.

My Feelings game can bring joy, understanding and hope to kids of all abilities, and its story, our story, is proof that anything is possible if you just believe!

Claudia Faierman Shulman

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By Paula, on

Congratulations! This game has been such a wonderful addition to the resources we have at our clinic. Thank you!

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