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Once upon a time, there was a mom who believed that children could learn anything as long as you make it fun and engaging. That mom, Claudia Faierman-Shulman, wanted to teach her youngest child about emotions: how to recognize them in ourselves and in others, and how to deal with them in socially appropriate ways. Her child had a language delay, which made the task more challenging–but not impossible!

She embarked on her mission by developing a game that she named My Feelings. It was an instant hit with all three of her kids, who kept asking to play again and again. Within a week, her youngest child was able to label, recognize and express his feelings in more appropriate ways.

She played the game at a Speech-Language session that her child was currently attending, and the therapist absolutely loved it! She couldn't believe that this mom had invented a fun game with such an extraordinary educational value. Encouraged by this, Claudia presented My Feelings to several other clinicians who worked in the field of autism and sensory integration, and again received glowing reviews. Claudia's game was already on its way to becoming a success.

In 2012, Claudia began the daunting task of developing, marketing, and producing her My Feelings game. She founded Sensational Learners Inc. with the goal of making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Because Claudia's background is in International business, she knew how to build a team that could work collaboratively with her to create a top-notch product. These experts from the game industry–game designers, copywriter, illustrator, and graphic designer–further developed My Feelings into a unique, inspirational game that is both educational and lots of fun for kids, parents, teachers and therapists alike!

The game was further guided by four clinicians who are tops in their respective fields: Paula Aquilla, OTR, Dr. Lucy J. Miller, PhD, OTR, Rozanne Israel, SLP, and Lanni Zinberg Swartz, SLP. These experts collaborated in refining the game to make it an incredible teaching tool for kids of all abilities!

The My Feelings game, available now, is proof that anything is possible; that you can reach the stars if you just believe you can make it happen!

We're tremendously proud of the My Feelings game, and we hope you and your family enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

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