Meet the characters

In the All About Feelings booklet, you'll meet seven girls and boys who experience seven different feelings. During a game, they'll also appear along the path to help you explore your feelings!

Check out the All About Feelings booklet to get to know these friends. They're all waiting to meet you! (Well, maybe not Shemar...)

  • Happy Hannah Hi, I'm happy to meet you! In fact, there are lots of things that make me happy!
  • Sad Sandro I'm feeling so sad today. I wish I could look at things in a happier way, like Hannah!
  • Frustrated Freddie Arrrgh! Why doesn't anybody understand what I want? Sometimes I feel like screaming!
  • Tired Tomiko Yawn! I'm Tomiko. Is it nap time yet? Do I really have to do my homework now?
  • Scared Shemar Oh, no, new people to meet! That's one of the things that scare me the most!
  • Angry Andy Grrr! Nothing went right today! Why can't I do what I want to do? I wish I could stop being so mad!
  • Excited Ethan Yay! I love making new friends! We're going to have a blast playing this game! Come on, let's get started!

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