Learning through play

Recognizing and understanding feelings can be overwhelming for a young child. Many experts agree that the best way for children to explore their feelings is by learning through play.

This game offers a fun and relaxing setting for your child to discover and share what makes him or her experience seven common feelings, and learn how to deal with them in socially-appropriate ways.

First, get to know the characters in the game by reading the illustrated booklet with your child. Then get ready to travel along the winding gamepath by drawing cards, talking about feelings, and taking silly action breaks to keep your kid engaged!

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The Triggers: What makes me feel...?

Blue Card Questions: Making Connections
The blue cards describe situations that may make players happy, sad, angry, excited, frustrated, scared, or tired. Players can choose from two printed answers, or they can give their own, more personal answer.

Prompting your child for personal answers to "What makes me feel...?" situations is a great way to help him or her understand what triggers various feelings. For example, you might say, "Remember how excited you were when we were going to Disney World?" or, "Remember last week when it rained, and you were sad that you couldn't go to the park?"

Connecting feelings to real-life situations can make recognizing those feelings much more meaningful!

Get to know your child's feelings!
The blue cards include 280 situations that ask kids to explore their emotions in a fun way!

The Strategies: How do I deal...?

Red Card Questions: Learning to Cope
Research shows that emotional problems are often due to over-activation of one part of the brain: the sympathetic nervous system.

The coping strategies on the red cards use parasympathetic activities designed to "put the brakes on" these over-active responses. Strategies like deep breathing, moving against resistance, and others are effective in returning children to calm states.

As with the blue cards, the red cards display two printed answers that players can choose from–or they can make up their own, more personal answer.

The Emotional Regulation Game!
The red cards include 260 coping strategies to help kids manage their feelings in socially appropriate ways!

Keeping Kids Engaged through FUN and Movement!

Silly Time Cards: Act it Out!
Kids can't wait for a chance to draw Silly Time cards as they play this game! These fun, active cards get kids moving and keep them engaged by challenging them to act out silly scenarios. And it's fun for parents to guess what their kids are doing as they have a blast acting like chickens, tooting like trains, or wiggling their noses!

Get up and Get Moving!
The game includes 24 Silly Time cards to get your child moving, to set your inner child free, and to add a big dose of laugh-out-loud entertainment!

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